Why Hire Vortex

In efforts to better serve the needs of our customers, Vortex Consulting Group, Inc has partnered with several key vendors, each a leader in their profession. Our network allows us to draw from a uniquely qualified pool of experts in the field of Water Extraction, General Contractors, Roofing, Plumbing and Law.

We offer our clients the option of a team of experts when resolving their insurance claims, in order to ensure that we are providing them with the most professional and complete service available in the industry. Our recovery system is designed to assist our customers with the quick resumption of their businesses, homes and everyday lives. Our clients are under no obligation to select from this list of companies, this information has been compiled by Vortex purely as a service to our customers.

There are also a few other instances when it could be practical to hire a public adjuster:

  • You've sustained a partial loss. Half the house burned down. Now you've got to document which of your possessions survived the fire, which burned and which are damaged beyond repair.
  • You don't have the time to follow up on your claim. Whether you're a two-income couple with kids or a busy professional who travels frequently, filing a claim and following it through will take time, especially if you don't have a record of your possessions and their value.
  • You had loved ones injured or killed in the incident. If you're spending your days at the hospital or mourning a family member, you may not even want to think about the claims process.
  • The loss is business-related. Rather than assign an employee to handle the claim, some companies will outsource the job.