The Big One is Stalking Us!
September is upon us and tradition has this month pegged as the peak of hurricane system.  To be more exact, the climatological peak of hurricane activity is around September10 each season.  The waters are unusually warm and there is a decline in wind sheer.  The African coast is spawning a 'conga line' of 2 potential hurricanes a week.  

Are you ready?  Up until now the only thing that has saved us,  is dry air that has pushed these storms into the hurricane cemetery in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean...but, you can't count on's a treacherous gamble.  Just ask the poor people off the coast of the Carolinas.  Thousands have had to change their Labor Day Plans and flee their vacation spot due to the impending strike from Hurricane Earl.  From one day to the next, Mighty Earl is packing winds of up to 125 miles per hour...currently a category 3 storm, soon to become a cat 4 storm.

So again, I ask ...are you ready?  

Aside from stocking up on an arsenal of water, canned foods, batteries, flashlights and generators...what is the next and most important item to have on your hurricane list?

I'll give you a hint, it starts with a "P" followed by an "A"... no, it's not the abbreviation to Pennsylvania (PA)...though you may want to consider moving to PA after you experience the wrath of mammoth hurricane!   Good guess, though.
Perhaps the most important armor an insured can have during the aftermath of a storm is the phone number to your friendly Public Adjuster.  A Public Adjuster is that best kept secret that the insurance world does not want too many people to know about.  Why??? because a Public Adjuster is an advocate to the policyholder.  We represent YOU, the policyholder and NOT the insurance company.  At Vortex Consulting Group, we will file your insurance claim, estimate your damages, negotiate and maximize the true insurance settlement you deserve.  In essence, we will take the tedious and often, painstaking process of dealing with an insurance carrier, off your hands so that you may concentrate on rebuilding.

The professionals at Vortex Consulting Group handle all types of claims ranging from  Fire, Water Damage (hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes), flood, theft & vandalism, mold, and sinkholes to name a few.  We also can handle denied claims and re-open claims that were unjustly closed and settled.  We represent claims for residences, commercial buildings, boats, short, any item that has an insurance policy attached to it.  

Give Vortex a call today for your free consultation!  1-866-347-5535

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