A Public Adjuster…..Friend or Foe? (Friend, of course!)


            It seems that South Florida is always hit with the brunt of the nation’s problems.  When it comes to toughening laws for any industry, Florida is the first to pay for “the broken plates”.  The insurance industry is no exception.


            Nowadays, obtaining a settlement check for damage on your property rivals a game of Dragon Warrior.  Things are certainly not how they used to be.  More and more, insurance companies are prolonging payouts by adding more requirements to the process.  Pretty disappointing when the majority of policyholders faithfully pay their premiums year after year.  Some insurance customers have been with their insurance company for decades without ever troubling their carriers with any claims.


            This is why a policyholder needs an advocate that knows the “ins and outs” of the process and can negotiate on their behalf.  This advocate is called a Public Adjuster.  A Public Adjuster represents “YOU”, not the insurance company.  He or she will be with you every step of the way….from interpreting your policy to reaching the just settlement you deserve.


            Have a pipe burst, fire, or burglary claim? Have roof damage, hurricane or storm damage?  A Public Adjuster can come to the rescue and they work under contingency….meaning….if “you don’t get paid, we do not get paid”.


            Don’t go to battle alone…..call Vortex Consulting Group for your free consultation!  1-866-347-5535

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